The New Mama Guide

Taking care of yourself in the first 6 weeks after birth.

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Based on a survey of hundreds of first-time mothers, this book shares tips on self-care for you (not the baby). It's quick to skim, with useful charts and fun illustrations. Get it for yourself or as a baby shower gift.

“The charts really help me understand how I'm doing.”
“I buy this for every one of my friends having babies.”
“New dads should all read this too.”
“It was easy to look through when you don't have much time."

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Free worksheets and goodies

Customizable daily schedule
To help you figure out when you get to sleep and eat.

Postpartum shopping list
Things to get for yourself. Handy links and checklist printout.

Newborn I/O chart
Track the first week's feedings and diapers for your peace of mind.

Baby sleeping & eating chart
Get a sense of baby's sleep patterns so you can plan your life.